Conference presentations
Chair of the panel "Music and Style in Transnational Television Drama" at the Conference "Transnational Television Drama. Tastes, Travels and Trends" / 6-9 June 2018, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Pathenheimer im Montagelabor. Arts-based research seminar, Paper presented at the CILECT Congress / Zurich University of the Arts (Switzerland)
From Bed Sheets to the Dots Torture Room. Developing Questions on the Body Mask in Film History, Paper presented at the NECS Conference / Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris (France)
Tracking fictional violence, Paper presented at the IAMHIST Conference (The International Association for Media and History) / University Paris 2 CARISM (France)
MOTIVSUCHE: Fiktionalisierte Kritik dokumentaren Filmschaffens, Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Media Sudies (Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft, GfM) / Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)
Verwendungsgeschichte(n) der letzten Filmaufnahmen von Adolf Hitler, Paper presented at the DFG-Workshop "Verwendungsgeschichte" / Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Germany)
Non-professional acting in Reality-TV as "over-the-norm-acting", Paper presented at the International Symposium "Acting on Television. Analytical Methods and Approaches" / University of Reading (UK)
Rethinking Sergei Eisenstein's Typage theory, Paper presented at the conference "A hundred years of Film theory. Münsterberg and beyond: Concepts, Applications, Perspectives" / Leipzig University (Germany)
Die Filmfotografin Waltraut Pathenheimer und Emotionsdarstellung im Kinofilm, Presentations at the Potsdam's day of science (Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften) / Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Germany)
Introduction and moderation of the Q&A to the movie "Die Alleinseglerin" / Filmmuseum Potsdam (Germany)