Non-peer-reviewed publications
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Kiss, A.L. (to appear in 2019) "From actress to scholar - from performance to performance?" in: Thomas Etzemüller (Ed.): Der Auftritt. Performanz in der Wissenschaft , Transcript
Kiss, A.L. (to appear in 2018) Book review of Rainer Rother / Rolf Aurich (Ed.): Hans Traub: Wörterbuch des Films, in: Filmblatt
Kiss, A. L. and Chill, D. "Waltraut Pathenheimer: Capturing the Essence. The Fiancée", Amherst: DEFA Film Library, DVD
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Kiss, A. L. (2016) Editor together with Chill, D. of "Pathenheimer: Filmfotografin DEFA Movie Stills". Ch. Links. Chapter: "Trace of Pictures" (translated by Victoria Rizo Lenshyn)
Kiss, A. L. (2016) Ich will das Leben! Ich bin Dokumentarist! Ethische Fragen dokumentarischer Praxis im DEFA-Spielfilm Motivsuche, in: montage AV 25/1/2016, Dokumentarische Ethik / Parker Tyler. Schueren, 105-113
Kiss, A. L. (2015) "Reflections on the Creativity of Non-Actors Under Restrictive Direction." In "Performing Labor in the Media Industries" edited by Kate Fortmueller. Special issue, Spectator 35 (2). The University of Southern California Journal of Film and Television Criticism: 27-35. ISSN: 1051-0230.
Kiss, A. L. (2014) Editor of "Jede Menge Perspektiven. Der Regisseur Herrmann Zschoche". Filmblatt-Schriften Reihe, CineGraph Babelsberg. Chapters: Jede Menge Perspektiven. Der Regisseur Herrmann Zschoche (Introduction to the work of DEFA director Herrmann Zschoche), 11-26 and Herrmann Zschoches Inszenierung von Kinder- und Laiendarstellern (Herrmann Zschoche's work with child-actors and non-actors), 91-103
Chill, D. and Kiss, A. L. (2014). Neorealismus: Der Aufwand der Fischer (Essay on Luchino Visconti and his movie "The Earth Trembles") In Der Freitag 31/2014
Kiss, A. L. (2013) Filmisches Sehen (Guest article on the influence of the media on the reception of the city in the novel "The Artificial Silk Girl") In Fragment Film

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